McCallister Street


The McCallister Street Retreat is located on a secondary dune along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. The site is heavily wooded and slopes gently from Northwest to Southeast. The design of the house is a response to the local site conditions along with the desire of the owners for a retreat from a busy life in Chicago.

The primary spaces of the house are all contained on a raised upper level with a small garage and utility spaces on the lower level. Guests arrive at the house after climbing a long stair along the north elevation. The arrival sequence reinforces the journey from outside world to a peaceful interior.

2006 AIA Northern Indiana Merit Award


The house has a primary East / West orientation, and the public / private spaces express this orientation as well. The east side of the house contains the primary living space along with a covered porch overlooking the native wooded landscape. The west side of the house contains the bedrooms and a screened porch overlooking a private courtyard landscape.

Cedar siding and copper detailing provide long lasting durability with relatively low maintenance. Open faced copper downspouts provide a strong vertical element, and they eliminate much of the maintenance needed in a wooded landscape.

The house is built using low cost wood frame construction. Standard size windows help to keep the overall project budget low.