The Box wins Merit Award at 2015 AIA Northern Indiana Design Awards

Bamesberger Architecture is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a Merit Award from the AIA Northern Indiana Chapter.

According the Jury,

“The project explores an interesting parti to the residential typology with a straightforward placement of simple geometry within the landscape. The cube forms are uncluttered with a certain looseness and airiness that creates a cabin-like feel without a tree canopy. The overall composition is complimented by open fields and natural grasses and is situated nicely in the landscape. There is a purity to the simple functions that appear to fit well within this cleanly organized plan. Using minimal adornment, maximum effect is achieved in the rhythm and pattern of the façade. The Jury found the strong geometry both foreign to the site and able to ground the building within the site. There is a loft-like feeling to the space with access to the ground. The natural colors of the building materials blend well with the vegetation and natural scenery and the glass and screen walls create a certain privacy yet transparency with connection to the outdoors. Overall a nicely executed project.”


 This project, along with the other award winners can be seen here.

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